Friday, 26 February 2016

Little Bird

I am writing a book to go with the mindfulness course I have started to teach. Entitled "The Gem In The Dust, the six-week course focuses on different themes for each session. 
I wrote it with the backdrop of my own experiences. Four years ago I thought I was happy and complete in my life: I was married with two lovely children, living in a lovely house by the sea, in a beautiful part of Dorset. But actually my life resembled an old, worn sofa, with a groove I was stuck in - until one day, a spring poked up and made me stand up, get out of my comfort zone and be uncomfortable for a while. Well, a long while, actually. I ended my marriage, and now I am a single mum juggling family life with a job as a nurse; my work as a reiki master; a mindfulness tutor, writing courses and teaching children as a Connected Kids™ tutor. I teach others to find the powers within them to get out of their comfort zone as much as they feel able to, to find their sparkle and shine, to share with the world in whatever way they want to do so, using mindfulness and meditation. 

This video, which has taken me a lot of courage to share publicly, I hope will inspire others to find their own way of making positive changes in their lives, to be the person they feel they are inside, or to discover aspects of themselves they never knew existed, explore them positively and see where life will take them. It could be the smallest change to a life-changing decision - it's up to the individual to see where they will go with it. 

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Nikki Harman RGN is a registered nurse working in an NHS trust; and a mindfulness tutor to adults and children. visit my website for more information

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