Friday, 18 December 2015

Trust or Trussed?

Tru(th)    st(ep)
Trust – the ability to see the truth above perceptions, whilst walking a step at a time, knowing that all is well in that moment, accepting that it is safe to be your authentic self.
Trust gives us the ability to see the truth above the perceptions and take steps to bring our dreams to fruition.
Trust gives us the courage to believe in ourselves and walk our true path, one step at a time…
Trussed means that we are being restricted by our own self-limiting thoughts, or the perceived beliefs of others, which, prevent our growth (moving forward) and change.
“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway” ~ Mary Kay Ash
This is one of my favourite, inspiring quotes, and one I use regularly to help me keep my trust in myself. Trust is like a belief: If you believe something will happen, you put your trust in it. If you trust in something, you have faith that it will happen.

When it comes to making decisions – any decisions which have the potential to cause ripples in life – it often feels easier to ignore it: in other words, to sit back in the sofa, to remain in “the groove”. But this is where we create more problems for ourselves. If we lean back and try to pretend something is perfectly fine as it is, we are at risk of becoming a prisoner of our own choice. We are “trussed up” in apathy, fear, or indecisiveness, which are the ties that bind us from the freedom of leaning forward, standing up and then taking the steps ahead.
Trust in the process of our individual lives arises when we are prepared to lean into the discomfort we feel and experience along the way. If we are being true to our selves, if we are being authentic in our decisions, then we can take the steps forward.
So, where are you, right now? Are you experiencing trust, or are you feeling trussed?

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