Friday, 18 December 2015

Time (back in the summer!)

Sometimes things get overwhelming. I have had a very busy weekend, as a single parent juggling work, life, fun, chaos and challenges. We all face these moments in life: my offering here is to encourage you to stop for a few minutes.
By the way, what I didn’t really cover in the video, is that some people tend to believe that mindfulness and meditation means we should be clear of thought. This is not the case: it means being able to acknowledge the thoughts that are going on in our minds without attaching ourselves to them and being caught up in that whirling swirling process of one thought to the next, but stepping back and observing the thoughts. Often this can bring about a sense of peace and clarity, which is what I needed to do, today. Although I have been practising living mindfully for a long while, I still find myself being snared up in thoughts and the subsequent emotions – at this point being able to acknowledge them without placing any judgement on the self is important – rather than allowing the mental chatter and feelings to dominate my reactions and subsequent actions.

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