Friday, 18 December 2015

Cool and refreshing

The sea is great for washing away tension…it’s good for the soul! The water was chilly but refreshing; the sea-weed cushioned my feet from shells and pebbles, and softly washed away my worries with gentleness and care. I synchronised my breath to the waves as they moved towards me and away, again, reminding me that there is always flow, that nothing stays still, there is always movement.

As I drank in the blues and pale greens of sea and sky, I felt a surge of gratitude for the elements and for the beautiful part of the world where I live. Bird song, which today replaced the sharp, stern tones of sea gulls, was kindly and joyful. A blessing for me, of which I am thankful.
If you can, try to get your feet into the water today. If you’re not near the sea, book yourself some down time (even 10 mins will help), fill a bowl with salt water (preferably sea salt or even Himalayan pink salt), and soak your soles for a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.
Enjoy the moment! X

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